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Feb 7, 2013 5:30am PST
are struggling to survive. ireland is about to take action on banks. >> and a report from lagos, nigeria, about the dozens of abandoned airplanes at the country's airport. >> the ruling party of tunisia has projected its own prime minister's decision to dissolve the government. there is a homecoming of shokri belaid's remains. they predict the dissolution of parliament announced by its own prime minister. the assassination has sparked mass protests in several major cities. now this report. >> the people here are pretty much aware of the implications of the assassination and the uncertainty that looms over the country. this is by the political establishment yesterday had a quick fix the problem. prime minister hamdi jebali said that he offered the technocratic government, refusing -- saying the offer to dissolve the government. the party says that it rejects a technocratic offer and they intend to stay in power. the other opposition parties want to include everyone in the talks and they don't want a democratic government. >> an inquiry by australia's top criminal investigation leaders has found
Feb 17, 2013 2:00pm PST
workers in the northern states of nigeria. >> cousin marking its sixth birthday as an independent state. we talk about the challenges they face -- kosovo marking its sixth birthday. catholicse blesses for the first time since announcing his resignation. >> hello and thank you for joining us. the $1 million reward offered for the capture of a group carrying out a deadly attack in pakistan. more than 80 people killed in an explosion in a busy area. shias there, and those across pakistan, are demanding the government do more to stop the attacks. >> a strong message. stop the killing of shias. this is in response to saturday's bombing targeted a shia bazaar. they're giving them 48 hours to arrest the culprits before they take action. >> we want to register our protests. we demanded to noticed of the blasts. they need to find those responsible for such acts of terrorism. >> the group has claimed responsibility for this attack and another earlier this year. they're angry there not being protected. >> the government does not do enough to protect us. tomorrow, they die and that will be enough.
Feb 10, 2013 11:00pm PST
. >> and the richardson in south africa. find out if nigeria could win their third africa cup title against burkina faso. >> hello. we have some snow flurries in the forecast for japan and the korean peninsula over the next couple days. it does not look too bad in north asia. a little bit of clouds rolling in across the sea of japan. we will see some snow a possibility across the northern part of honshu into hokkaido. it is crisp and dry there for john and--- pyongyang. china does not look too bad. long guitar, top temperature of -20 degrees. some snow making see its way back to the korean peninsula. for much of japan, it looks dry. central parts of china, looking at the top temperature in shanghai of eight celsius. a bit of rain here, but you could see some rain in the course of monday and tuesday. not bad in hong kong, with a top amateur of 25 celsius. some showers will make their way to the philippines. back into sri lanka over the next day or two, showers, but most of india is sunny. >> hello. top stories on al jazeera. rebels in mali have launched a surprise attack. it is the first time rebels have
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am PST
neighboring nigeria are responsible. french media say the abductees are from the same family. four children are among them. reports say they were returning from a visit to waza national park. armed men drove up on motorcycles and took them away. >> translator: they were taken by a nigeria-based terrorist group, which we know about. the greatest likelihood is they were taken to nigeria. >> alain said an islamist group may be behind the kidnappings. members of the group have staged repeated attacks on the christian community in algeria. >>> an american security firm is accusing chinese of spying on american corporations. analysts at virginia-base firm mandiant published a report monday, which identified the people's liberation army and say members of one unit have attacked more than 140 organizations over the past seven years. they believe hackers are based in shanghai. unit 61398 of the people's liberation army has its headquarters. the unit is believed to engage in electronic intill jones. ity ip addresses used by the group match the addresses used by the military unit. the hackers are prob
Feb 26, 2013 9:00pm PST
the sense there is a concerted effort, or -- >> there is. and don't forget nigeria as well. it is spreading throughout africa. the goal is to islamize the entire cont te continent and create a califed there. >> you talk about north and south nigeria, and there is a different religious makeup. we have seen it in sudan. i think we'll start to see it in some other places as well. i'm told there are significant parts of tanzania that are almost 100% muslim. those areas we'll probably see more persecution, but i think you'll see it expand out from those areas into other parts of the country and other parts of east africa as well. >> george: terrific. todd neddelton with the alway awesome group, voice of the martyrs. and gary, as always, thank you for your insights. >> wendy: the family of an american pastor prisoned in iran has released a letter. ahe says he is facing violence and psychological warfare. he says conditions inside, even prison, are torturous. writing, quote,"they are only waiting for one thing, for me to deny christ, but they will never get this for me." the american center for la
Feb 4, 2013 12:30am EST
the region. during the oil boom of the 1970's and 1980's, many tuareg migrating north, primarily into nigeria which was producing oil into libya. many of them found jobs. during the oil crash, many returned back to their land of residents. now we are looking for something to do. that kind of set the stage for the second rebellion, which took as in the 1990's. during the second rebellion, something very similar to what happened last year occurred back then. we had a rebellion at the same time we had, shortly after a coup that took place in mali. then there was a regime change. in this cobbling together some of the whole time that the tuareg had grievances -- well before the independence in the 1960's. some of these grievances, there are several, but just cutting them down, one is discrimination from southern ethnic roots which governed mali following independent. these discriminations or what is creating the tension today between north and south. i normally say, there is racism between north and south. or was a fear that land reform would threaten their privileged access to agriculture. when y
Jan 31, 2013 6:30pm PST
? >> certainly not. the whole region is in turmoil, weather we look at nigeria, mali, egypt -- whether we look at nigeria, mali, egypt. this was really meant as a warning shot against syria, but then again, the region isyou doe react. i think this is also a message by israel to iran indicating that israel is not willing to accept any deals. >> is that why israel has attacked? >> there is no knowledge of why exactly israel attacked last night rather than a week ago or a week later. i think the new government in the making wants to make clear that they will continue policies towards the region, and it is a clear message towards iran and also towards russia. >> what about the united nations' clear criticism of israel's settlement activity? >> israel will continue to ignore this decision. so will the united states. they will continue to back israeli policies in the occupied territories, but nevertheless, there is a certain change of attitudes to be observed in western countries. more and more criticism coming along with israeli settlement policies, and i think israelis feel the heat. you might eve
Feb 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
in the selection process. >> a moment of silent prayer for pope benedict. from the philippines to nigeria and mexico, news of the pontiff's's resignation spread around the world. though the news caught the faithful by surprise, many catholics expressed sympathy for benedict's condition. >> he needs a rest. he has done a lot. it is a sign of humility on his part to pass on the responsibility of leading all the world's catholics. >> benedict said he no longer had the strength to carry out his ministry. those were historic words. he is the first pope to abdicate in almost six centuries. this german cardinal believes the move could signal a new era for how future popes will deal with the responsibility of the office. >> in contrast to others in the church and in society, benedict is not clinging to power. rather, he understands that it is an authority that was conferred upon him that he must exercise for the greater good of the entire church. that is already considerable speculation about who will succeed the pope. one candidate is the current cardinal secretary of state. other top candidates
Feb 13, 2013 5:30am PST
and exposing their rhetoric, he and his colleagues relished the challenge. al jazeera, nairobi. >> nigeria has returned home to a hero's welcome. thousands of fans gathered to cheer them after they won their third continental title in south africa. we were there in abuja. >> it has been 19 years since nigeria last won african football's biggest prize. hundreds of supporters showed up airport to welcome the eagles home. >why was the team's such a success? >> god almighty. >> emanuel put it down to team worked. >> working altogether. >> another of the superstars thanked the nigerian football fans. >> i would like to thank them, the fans. >> the the many fans say that it is restoring the football reputation. the champions and the fans
Feb 4, 2013 9:00am PST
. this is in nigeria where a new tattoo is the new fashion trend. ink tattoos on your lips. nigerian men are getting their bottom lip tattooed pink. >> just the bottom one? >> just the bottom lip. it's a fashion trend apparently sweeping through nigeria. the woman that shot the video says none of the men would tell her why they are doing this. >> it's a trend. it's just that, it's a trend. a tattoo is permanent. fashion trends come and go. a tattoo is forever. >> does it stay that pink? >> let me show you how pink it is. >> no, this can't be real. no way. >> that looks awful. >> this literally is a trend. the guy in the shop here says he's seeing at least ten men a day. >> a day? >> a day. and they are all paying about $30 to get this done. >>> okay, everybody, it's monday buzz word time in our "rtm" ipad mini give away. >> anybody can win, but you need to be 18 or older and you need the buzz word. >> all you have to do is head over to our facebook page. if you're using a mobile phone or tablet, head to the first post and tap on the mobile link. >> monday buzz word is puppy. get over to
Feb 20, 2013 12:00am PST
, and i lived in africa for 15 years. i lived all in nigeria and gahna. 1978, i was there when the government got elected, the second republic. tavis: let me jump. speaking of africa, i do not want to miss the point, and as you tell these stories, i do not want to interrupt, but lloyd price co-produced "rumble in the jungle" with don king. he was living in africa and was one of the producers of one of the greatest fights of all time. >> yes, and i was watching how things operate in the corners of power and how the world is divided, you know, in the andvees and the -- the haves have-nots. i have been renamed eight times. tavis: black, negro, african- american. >> there was a general in nigeria. he said, "why do you guys always come over here like you are going to help us?" "help me do what? we never lost our language. we never lost our home. we never lost our culture." he said, "who are you?" i said, "i am an american." he said, "no. you do not have any land. what is your culture? what is your tradition? even what is your religion?" and that had me thinking. turning this around.
Feb 5, 2013 7:00am EST
match against nigeria. >> there are two other teams about to clash in the semifinal. mali is the third best team in africa. then there is my side, nigeria. know your enemy. i'm about to find out what the mali fans are all about. ♪ the competition is still alive and well. i knew they would be here. it is the mali fans chilling on the beach. you guys better pack your bags and go home.>> [in foreign language] >> my friends, do you honestly -- honestly believe that the eagles of mali can defeat the eagles of speaking foreign language] >> we are going to beat them. we are going to wipe them, 3-0. no way. we are in the finals. >> we shall see on wednesday. good luck.♪ those guys are clearly nuts and have no idea what they are talking about.before i meet them again at the semifinals, i'm going to head across town for one final piece of business. one of the problems organizers of this competition have faced is the state of the pitches.some of them are truly awful. i'm here to find out what this pitch looks like.-- like ahead of the mali-nigeraia game. i'm a man in a hurry. these guys have
Feb 18, 2013 7:00am EST
as one of the worst attacks of expatriate workers in northern iraq -- northern nigeria in recent times. foreign workers have been abducted. italian, filipino, british, greek, and lebanese workers are among those who have been abducted. >> nigerian security officials say they are investigating the situation, investigating the case to find out who is behind this, tracking down the attackers and the hostages. there are different nationalities amongst those kidnapped from the construction company. they have yet to confirm that britain was a lot -- that a british person was amongst those kidnapped. >> what do we know the possible motives amongst of doctors? kidnapping is frequent in nigeria, though more often in the south of the country. is this a typical case? , manythe niger delta o wealthy nigerians have been adopted. these ran summers feel they can make a lot of money from it. in the north it is a different ball game. these are islamist extremist groups kidnapping people. there recently kidnapped a french national because of their opposition to the french intervention in mali. these gro
Feb 20, 2013 7:30am EST
. french tourist were abducted in the west african country. islamist insurgents from neighboring nigeria are responsible. french media said the abductees are from the same family. reports say they were returning from a visit to waza national park. armed men drove up on motorcycles and took them away. >> translator: they were taken by a nigerian based terrorist group. the greatest likelihood is they were taken to any gearia. >> an islamist group may be behind the kidnappings. there's been repeated attacks on the christian community in nigeria. they strengthened their activities after linking up with al qaeda. >>> tunisia's first post-arab spring prime minister has announced his resignation. he is stepping town after his party refused to back his plan for a cabinet of independent technocrats. >> translator: i promised that if my initiative did not succeed i would step down as prime minister. this is what i did a short time ago when i met the president of the republic. >> he was trying to form a nonpartisan government to quell public protests. tunisians have been demonstrating since the ass
Feb 6, 2013 11:35pm PST
la religion tradición en nigeria . >> durante el ritual me llevaron al cnetro de la habitascion y me pasaron el gallo por todo el cuerpo antes de sacrificarlo. >> la influencia del catolicismo existe en el espiritu santo. >> el tata baila por horas . >> se siente como si otra persona estuviera encima de ti y no siento nada. >> se estima que hay pocos palerosw genuinos en cuba. >> si quieren ver imagens ineditos de estas imágenes visiten página en mpantalla. >> consumir alcohol con refrescos dieteticos , hace que los grados de alcohol sean mas que al consumirlos con bebidas normales.
Feb 17, 2013 11:00pm PST
in northern nigeria. based dorm the housing complex have a lebanese construction company. the hostages include for -- four a bruiton.and >> police have launched a massive manhunt for kidnappers of construction workers. earlier, unknown gunmen attacked a police station but were killed by security forces. they burned cars. they had the aim of incapacitating the police not to respond to an emergency. then they launched an attack on the compound of a foreign construction company. they killed the night watchman and took hostages and fled into the night. this place has seen its fair share of violence following the outbreak in the northeast of nigeria. nobody has claimed responsibility for the recent attack. the town lies close to the border of troubled states where the insurgents has been fighting security forces and individuals and businesses. security forces warned that criminal elements in the north are cashing in on the lack of authority in northern nigeria to perpetuate activities in the region. >> rafael correa has secured a third term in office. here are pictures live right now. thronging sup
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
of favorites, cardinals from canada ghana, and nigeria. >> it is possible that the pope can come from one of the southern hemisphere countries where the churches so vibrant and alive. >> we need to have a pope the recognizes there are things going on in the world now. is not just in rome. >> with catholic churches bull of speculation with feelings of sadness, hope, and the speculation, and above all history, for this moment that has not occurred in centuries. it will start like a traditional retirement. the pope will take a vacation. then he will live in a small cluster in the vatican or he will spend the rest of his days in devotion to the church. abc7. >> the president says that he and first lady michelle obama have warm memories of their 2009 visit with the pope. mr. obama said best wishes to the cardinal sewell -- who will this tuesday as successor now. for updates, go to and turn to our social networking website as well on facebook and twitter. we will have much more. >> a panel will vote tomorrow on job table's nomination as secretary of defense -- chuck hagel's nomination
Feb 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
much. nigeria will face malia. they defeated the ivory coast in the quarterfinals. >> fans are very happy. 1-0 in the first half. they came back. with just over 10 minutes ago, it was a very bad sunday. they go into the semifinal against molly. -- mali. the ivory coast getting no closer to win it. nigeria goes one step closer to the final perio. >> the boys showed character. you have to fight, fight. whacks burkina faso and -- >> birkhead of foster reached the finals for the first time since 1998. burkina faso will face, on wednesday. barcelona has been held to a draw in valencia. they were looking to increase their 11-point lead. an accurate finish for valencia after 33 minutes. top marksman with the equalizer. he is judged to have been filed in the box. his 34 of the season, with the final score, 1-0. in italy, a three-point lead after winning, 2-0. the first half went this way. the home team, 2-0 up. a penalty in the second half. he scores in the fifth minute. mario scored twice on his debut after his $26 million moved from manchester city. the strike in the first half and a pena
Feb 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
just said. in a significant way it connects to northern nigeria. the second thing is not to panic after not panicking the question then becomes what do you do. don't send in the marines don't put food on the ground. when we do that in iraq and afghanistan doesn't work out very well. then there is what we can do. we do things very well. the area of reconnaissance, internet reconnaissance, provision of aid to people who traditionally have played the roles in the cases of mali, the canadians and others in terms of rebuilding. but the specific task that we need to seriously engage as a country right now that we are not, first of all, we have to help that to government integrate. there isn't a national debate on that question but it is an important one. in tunisia as you follow mentioned the support of the regime and need to go away but they need to be reconstituted in such a way that they serve a democratic state. we need to engage that question if we determine that that is in our interests. we have a failed state. it isn't the subject of a grand policy debate in the country because it seem
Feb 1, 2013 12:00pm EST
into northern nigeria, answer that in the affirmative, it answers the question of whether we need to play are role in reconstituting the mali state and the mali army; then we have to determine what resources the resources can bring to bear to accomplish those objectives. i personally do not think that the u.s. army should play a grand role in the reconstitution of the malian army because we had a role in the region, and the key peace keeping institute has been staffed by french and canadians, and west africans for a great -- very long period of time. it would seem to make more sense forever us to provide support to those people already on the ground. lastly, and i'll turn it over, it is clear that the quick french capture of these means that the next phase of the struggle will begin, which is the question of insurgency. the next question after that is that if there is an insurgency, what would be the probability of the success of that insurgency? i'm going to go out on a limb, and i will say at least from my estimation and my experience, the responsibility of greatest insurgency's going t
Feb 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
. gunmen in nigeria have shot dead nine people in two separate attacks at polyclinics. the killings, after a local muslim cleric denounced polio vaccinations as campaigns in a western plot. >> eyewitnesses say the gunmen stormed into the clinic, opened fire, and then set it ablaze. police declined to say who they think is responsible. >> to some business news now -- there's been good and bad news for german exporters. figures just released show exports for the whole of last year hitting a record high. they rose 3.4% in 2012 compared to the year before. the demand came mainly outside the european union. >> results for the month of december last year were disappointing. they rose just 0.3% compared with a forecast rise of 1.3%. while many countries around the continent continue the struggle of massive economic problems, germany is powering ahead. demand for german goods seems insatiable, and that includes in the fashion sector. >> it is not just their models that looks spectacular. the new number -- numbers from fashion house hugo boss are the best today. double-digit turnover. the company e
Feb 11, 2013 10:00pm PST
. this time those considered top contenders are from around the world including canada, ghana, and nigeria. >>> select a pope is a process full of tradition and intrigue as well. there is a lot of talk about the new pope being from a developing nation, but one catholic historian tells kpix5 reporter, david jackson, odds are the new pope will look like the previous ones. >> the next pope will have an easier path ahead of him. the sex scandal involving priests came to light under john paul ii. father michael russo says now look for youth, a conservative vision, and most likely, a european. >> the numbers are really stacked toward the europeans. unless there's some kind of inspirational moment where someone from another part of the world steps out of the pack, but that, i mean someone who speaks languages and knows the global world, that's a difficult job description. >> maybe not difficult for cardinal, mark olay, a worldly french canadian. >> may have a north american pope. the former archbishop ofy quebec. has a will the of the credentials you would look for in a pope. we could have
Feb 28, 2013 2:30pm PST
workers. mali, niger, nigeria, and cameroon have seen several kidnappings over the last few years. recently, seven french troops were abducted from a national park in cameroon. frank is looking to wrap up its military campaign in mali as -- france is looking to wrap up its military campaign in mali as soon as possible. >> france's intervention in mali has been relatively uncontroversial on the world stage, unlike libya and syria. it even has the support of russia. >> france's president francois hollande is hoping to drum up some business deals and avoid more tensions over a prominent french exile who has been making himself at home in russia. >> cordial talks, but the russian and french leaders could not be described as close friends. francois hollande came to moscow with seriously most guessing issue. he wants vladimir putin to rethink his support for the assad regime -- the most pressing issue being syria. he wants vladimir putin to rethink his support for the assad regime. it is a different frenchman whose company vladimir putin refers -- prefers, gerard depar diueu, who made a
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am PST
but most talk has been on cardinal from nigeria. we're still waiting to hear exactly when that conclave will take place. >> chris, you were there eight years ago when pope benedict was chosen. now there as he abdicates. chris jansing live in rome. >>> turning to weather, some connecticut residents are still digging out from this weekend's big weekend. hamden they cleared 3 feet of snow. some are upset secondary roads were not plowed but the heavy snowfall overwhelmed city work cruise. the storm is blamed for 18 deaths in the u.s. and canada. speaking of weather, let's go now to bill karins, nbc meteorologist. so much to watch over the last four days. >> it looks like another possible storm in the east coast this upcoming weekend. everything else around the country looking okay. we got a little snowstorm this morning in north texas kicking out of new mexico. we're also going to watch some of that heavier rain in areas of oklahoma this morning. otherwise, many areas of the intermountain west and west coast are looking just fine. let me give you a little tour. high pressure kind of cool te
Feb 11, 2013 11:00am PST
. other favorites include someone from nigeria. >> the shockwaves reached to the bay area. we are joined live with that part of the story. a lost catholics wonder of the timing of the announcement. >> two days before lent, very holy time for the catholic church, but a spokesman at the diocese thinks it shows great humility he recognized he could not do the job. >> catholics attending mass this morning at st. mary's cathedral say it was a surprise to hear that pope benedict xvi resigned. the announcement came at 2:00 a.m. local time so they heard about it from the priest who said mass this only. >> shock, really. he is an old man. looking forward to have a young pope. >> parish owners were not alone. the church leadership at the archdiocese was stunned. >> shocked. shocked. >> pope benedict said he is resigning because of his age and deteriorating health but he is the first pope to do so in 600 years and one questions whether this was the right move. >> he should not leave even if he does not have good health. >> it is a valid opinion and that is what john paul ii did but i think if my op
Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm PST
putting odds on the next pope with cardinals from gauna, nigeria and canada from early favorites. canadian cardinal has 7-2 odds. and nigerian cardinal has nine to two odds. yim hill has a similar split. >> one clergiman plans on voting for the next pope though he is banned from public duties. cardinal roger mahony used to have the archdiocese of los angeles. the current archbishop banished him from most duties. mahoney saying he looks forward to traveling to rome to participate in the conclave. on to other news. the police investigation continues into the 1984 cold case disappearance of kevin collins a close friend of the person of interest tells abc 7 news she figured he was a pedophile. she doesn't believe this man dan ferrian killed the 10-year-old boy. >> the person of interest died five years ago. his name on the death certificate was dan ferrian. the friend worked at one time with his partner at a restaurant living next to them and socialized with them, she asked we not use her real name. >> i thought of him as being a kind and one of the kindest people i've met. >> we'll call her s
Feb 13, 2013 11:00pm PST
companion. and then veronica said she had to go to nigeria to sell a family farm and needed cash for repairs >>- q. i shooy said i need $800 and i said i could loan you the money. >> but it didn't stop there. >> she had to pay property tax and stuff. so it started escalating to more and more. >> susan wired money again and again, plunging $100,000 into debt. she believed veronica's promises to pay it back and they would be together some day. and then the cold reality. susan went to finally meet veronica in person at san francisco international area port, but no one showed up. >> i was very naive. it turned my life upside down. >> says cons are rare and millions have found true love on the site. the company is up front and telling customers it does not do criminal background checks. saying that won't stop most thieves. while only a small number of our millions of sub scraibers have -- subscribers have been scammed by those who prey on individuals in every corner of the web we take this issue seriously. we address it on the site tracking it and preventing fraud at every step of the w
Feb 22, 2013 4:00am PST
. > > global inflation is essentially zero. even nigeria, which has had triple-digit inflation, has crawled back now into single digits. inflation is not the problem, deflation is the concern. > i am glad you are talking about gold, because the oscars are coming up, and i have an oscar trivia question for you. > > oh, i don't like this. > > oh no... > how much is an oscar statue worth? and i will give you one clue: it is gold-plated pewter. > > pewter? we don't trade the pewter market. i think that is- > all right, how about this? is it $100? > > no way, higher. > $500? > > more. > -or $1,000? > > i would say $1,000. > > $500. i will go with the middle. > $500. alan, you win. ding ding ding. good job. > > first time. first time for everything. > we will be back right after this. we have a plethora of topics to get to with trader tim biggam. he joins us now for a look at the charts. good morning to you. let's start with coca-cola. the company is raising its dividend by 10%. i know this is a stock that you have liked in your portfolio. would you buy more at these levels? > > absolutely. i thi
Feb 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
contenders include cardinals from canada, ghana and nigeria. benedict enforced the church's conservative doctrine to the joy of some, the dismay of others. reporter david jackson asks, which way will the church go next? >> reporter: the next pope is expected to have a decidedly easier path ahead of him. the sex scandal came to light under pope john paul ii. they say now look for youth, a conservative vision and most likely, a european. >> the numbers are really stacked toward the europeans. unless there's some kind of inspirational moment where someone kind of just steps out of the pack -- by that i mean someone who speaks languages, knows the global world, it's a very difficult job description. >> reporter: but maybe not difficult for cardinal natural olay, a french canadian. >> there is a cardinal mark olay, who is now currently the head of the office of bishops in rome. so we could have a canadian. >> reporter: 119 cardinals will vote in the upcoming conclave to select the new pope, most of whom were appointed by pope benedict xvi and pope john
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm PST
around the world include canada, ghana and nigeria. today a cardinal from ghana said the time is right for a pontiff from a developing country. >>> l.a. police are investigating 1,000 tips for a search for a fired officer they say is out for revenge and are also examining security video from a sporting goods store in torrence taken two days before a double murder. they are still not sure if the man buying scuba equipment in the video is the mur suspect christopher dorner. an affidavit for an arrest warrant gives u.s. marshals the power to extradite him citing possible cause that dorner is headed to mexico to avoid prosecution here in the states. authorities did find dorner's wallet and id card near the san ysidro point of entry to mexico. >>> police in vallejo want to know who shot five people killing one. the victim who died was one of two men found in a garage at a home on humboldt and eastwood streets about 8:30 last night. and about the same time, a man and two women showed up at a hospital with gunshot wounds. they drove themselves to
Feb 11, 2013 11:30am PST
of the vatican justice and peace bureau. other favorites include someone from nigeria. >> the shockwaves reached to the bay area. we are joined live with that part of the story. a lost catholics wonder of the timing of the announcement. >> two days before lent, very holy time for the catholic church, but a spokesman at the diocese thinks it shows great humility he recognized he could not do the job. >> catholics attending mass this morning at st. mary's cathedral say it was a surprise to hear that pope benedict xvi resigned. the announcement came at 2:00 a.m. local time so they heard about it from the priest who said mass this only. >> shock, really. he is an old man. looking forward to have a young pope. >> parish owners were not alone. the church leadership at the archdiocese was stunned. >> shocked. shocked. >> pope benedict said he is resigning because of his age and deteriorating health but he is the first pope to do so in 600 years and one questions whether this was the right move. >> he should not leave even if he does not have good health. >> it is a valid opinion and that is what john p
Feb 8, 2013 5:30am PST
. that does not bode well for the future when the french intend to withdraw. >> gunmen in nigeria have shot dead at least nine health workers in two locations in kano state. the victims were working for a polio vaccination program. kano has been regularly targeted by poco from, which -- by boko haram, which has denounced the use of western medicine. this video appears to show shelling in the city in the southwest. it was one of the first to rise up against president sought -- assad's government. there has been a mixed reaction to the offer of talks. how do people feel about the possibility of talks? >> it has been days since the syrian jet destroyed two buildings in a rebel-controlled area of aleppo city. they are sifting through the rubble of what was once their homes. many have already died. so much has been destroyed. that is why the opposition leader says he proposed talks with the government, but there are some people, even those who escaped death, who are not interested. >> we don't want talks with the killer or against us. if negotiations start, we will stand against it. >> it is a v
Feb 10, 2013 5:30am PST
in nigeria have been killed after being attacked in a northern town. they are all believed to be south korean. it is not yet clear who was behind the killings. police in los angeles say they're looking back at the circumstances that led to the firing of an officer returned punitive -- turned fugitive, christopher dorner. he is now on the run accused of killing 03 people. it is thought he is hiding in the northern mountains of california but efforts to find him have been hampered by snowfall. first lady michelle obama and joined mourners in chicago for the funeral of a 15, new york girl. -- 15-year-old girl just days after performing at the inauguration. >> it happens 500 times in chicago, this time the world takes note. >> no parent should never have to remember this. >> she was gone down in a park less than a mile from obama's chicago home days after twirling and her baton at the inauguration. >> we give this jacket to you. [applause] the president sent his condolences and his wife, a silent reminder of the president's plan to ban assault rifles and expand background checks. >> aren't that d
Feb 10, 2013 2:00pm PST
doctors have been killed in nigeria, the second attack on house workers and days after nine giving polio vaccinations were shot down. police say assailant broke into an apartment where the physicians or sleeping and be headed one of them. the other two had their throats cut. a new commander has taken charge in afghanistan. he has been given the responsibility of winding down the u.s.'s longest war. he took command from a general john allen in the afghan capital city -- in the afghan city of kabul. >> today is not about change, it's about continuity. what has not changed is the will of this coalition. what has not changed is our commitment to accomplish the mission. more and courtly, what has not changed is the inevitability of our success. >> is facing some tough challenges, among them, republicans to question whether he's the right man for the job. >> with the u.s. looking forward to december, 2014 as the day u.s. combat forces are expected to leave afghanistan for good, a marine corps general is guarding his term as the last general to run the war in that country. >> i understand is mu
Feb 12, 2013 5:30am PST
of the strongest candidates. in 2005, nigeria's cardinal francis was considered pope material by a conclave. then a cardinal from ghana named peter could be considered. a canadian is highly regarded and would be considered a more traditional choice. he's the head of the congregation of bishops', which appoints bishops around the world. been there oscar rodriguez of honduras. the 70-year-old latin-american was a contender during the last conclaves when benedict was chosen. many catholics are now hoping to get the new pope may come from asia. now this report from hong kong. >> standby the pope's decision to resign, catholics in manila are pressing for its well-being. with 80 million faithful, it's the largest catholic country in asia pacific region, considered the last bastion of catholicism. the church is even over matters of state. >> this is saddening. why did it and like the spin? why did it end this way? >> pope benedict, catholics had high expectations that he would've been the man to lead to the traditional and conservative catholic church into the 21st century. parts one is going to h
Feb 18, 2013 5:30am PST
's in northern nigeria, more security has been deployed. ? 74 workers held hostage. gunmen shot dead a security guard as they entered the lebanese-owned compound? . the hostages include hostages lebanon, greece, and elsewhere in the one has claimed responsibility. in armenia, there is the presidential election going on. the current president is predicted to win a second five- year term. the campaign has been marred by an assassination attempt on one of his rivals. and a hunger strike by another. in ecuador, the presidential correa n has rafael nada getting most of the votes. his closest rival has already conceded defeat. now this report from the capital quito. >> with exit polls showing he had easily won a majority of the vote, the president was in a celebratory mood. >> thank you very much for the great confidence you have shown in me. you know i would never failure and we will never fail you. this victory is yours. even before official results, his supporters came to the presidential palace to celebrate with the president. there will not be a need for a runoff. none of the seven other candida
Feb 26, 2013 5:30am PST
the fighters in cameroon and nigeria are freed. the kidnappers clinton departed the nigerian rubble group boko haram. it has become more dangerous for french citizens in certain parts of africa since france intervened in mali. >> it confirms the limitless cruelty of the hostage takers. it carried out the verification process which is necessary with the images. the only thing to be said is to reiterate how shocking images are, the cruelty by the kidnappers and the french government's determination to do everything possible to free them. >> less than a week ago now before presidential elections in kenya, candidates faced off in the final tv debate monday night. more from nairobi. >> they walk to their eighth presidential hopefuls face one another for the second and final live television debate. economy, corruption, and the issue of land ownership. it was on corruption that the gloves came off. >> it is absolutely not true. what was happening in the 1990's is i am a professor, we are the ones who brought up the issue of the -- let me tell you, some of us have had to pay very high prices. >> my of
Feb 8, 2013 2:30pm PST
. police in nigeria say nine polio vaccination workers have been shot dead by unknown gunmen. all the victims are said to be women. some nigerian muslim leaders have previously opposed polio vaccinations, claiming they could cause infertility. the president of egypt has condemned fatwa issued on a satellite television channel. it called for the killing of leaders of the opposition. he said a religious violence or the threat of it had become the grossest -- one of the grossest challenges facing arab countries. it comes as challenge it -- thousands of protesters took to the streets in cairo. for the first time, european leaders have agreed to cut the eu budget. i took more than 24 hours of wall-to-wall negotiations to reach a deal -- it took more than 24 hours. there were major disagreements. one camp was determined to make major cuts, and another was set on keeping up the you put the public spending. austerity one out in the end -- austerity won out in the end. >> keeping his hands in pockets -- all part of the negotiation, but eventually, a deal. countries would contribute most to
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